Director of Theatre

Derrick Gronewold

The director of theatre at Wichita High School East is  Derrick Gronewold.

He is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota (1992), where he studied Theatre, English and Business. He was awarded his Masters degree from Friends University in Wichita.

When not at East, Mr. G spends his time with Michelle and two children: Julia and Christopher.

Derrick (Mr. G) has taught and directed theatre at East since 1994.

East High Theatre Arts Teachers/Directors:

Dates only list verified years

Derrick Gronewold 

            ---Drama Classes 

            ---Film Studies 

            ---IB Theatre Arts

---Thespian/Drama Club Sponsor       1994-present

Meg Belanger            1989-1994

Laurel Griffith 

            ---Substitute for Mrs. Arnold 

            —Directed one show 1988-1988

Genell/Gennal Arnold            1986-1989

            ---Took leave for pregnancy during 88-89

Misty Maynard        1984-1986

Charlene Gould (Assistant)     1978-1978

Robert (Bob) Washburn 

  ---Dramatics Teacher & Director 

            ---Sophomore English 

            ---Thespian/Drama Club Sponsor 1963-1984

William (Bill) J. Foster 

            ---Senior Dramatics 

            ---Speech & Drama Club Sponsor 1956-1963

Dorothy O'Harra 

            ---Junior Dramatics 1959-1959

Virginia Edgett 

            ---Junior Dramatics 

            ---Thespian sponsor     1956-1957

James Metcalf           1951-1954

Robert Copeland     1950 -1951


Jean Lemons       1950-1951

Sherla Fischer 

            ...1947-1951 taught senior dramatics 

            ...1951-1956 taught speech classes 1947-1956

Hazel Shamleffer (Junior Dramatics) 1947-1950

Miss Lida McBride 1920*-1929

Mr. C.C. Harbison                1919-1920

Dr. H.L. Morton                     1917-1918

Mr. Glick                                    1916-1916

Mr. Barnett                               1914-1915

Mr. T. Ashton Magrane     1913-1914

Miss Louise Stevens         1911-1912